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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Cure For Cancer

The number one killer and concern of human beings - cancer. It's everywhere - widespread between all races genders and creeds. Almost everyone will see themselves with some form of cancer during their lifetime. To not label cancer as an epidemic is to understate the severity of our problem.

Let's take a look at some of the facts that medical science has already uncovered. Cancer cells are called trophoblasts - they are nearly identical to embryonic stem cells. Cancer cells are undifferentiated cells which appear in great quantity around injury sites within the human body. The stem cells then mimic the healthy cells around the injury site in an attempt to replace the dead injured cells and restore normal bodily functions. This is why, when examining a tumor around a liver, the degree of malignancy is directly proportionate to the ratio of liver cells to cancer cells within the body of the tumor.

Cancer is nothing more than the body's natural attempt to heal its own injuries. This is why smokers get lung cancer after they injure their lungs, and concussion victims develop brain tumors after injuring their brain. Any carcinogen really isn't a carcinogen - it's just something that will cause damage to your body and in turn cause your body to begin its healing process.

The human body has a natural way to control the overgrowth of stem cells, but when the pancreas weakens and stops producing certain enzymes in sufficient quantities, the cancer cells begin their overgrowth. In much the same way that sufferers of diabetes need to inject pancreatic enzymes which their bodies lack, cancer victims could also inject themselves with the necessary pancreatic enzymes that their bodies lack. But there's an even easier way to go about killing the cancer.

Vitamin B17

Turns out that way back in the early 70's doctors had already discovered a natural way to kill cancer - vitamin b17 which is found in apricot seeds and blackberries. To hear the medical evidence of this, please check out the links above and download the free audiobook "World Without Cancer" by G Edward Griffin. The quality of the audio should clue you into what time period this book was written.

If after you listen to or read his book, you may have a lot of conflicting feelings and important questions. Why do doctors knowingly prescribe worthless treatments when they could kill all your cancer using very cheap apricot seeds and blackberries? The question should answer itself. Chemotherapy and cancer surgery are extremely lucrative, hundred-billion-dollar industries, while the sale of blackberries affords hardly any profits. Doctors want your money more than they want your health, and this is direct proof of their greedy natures. Just like dentists used to put mercury fillings into your teeth so that your teeth would decay faster, doctors hook you up to all kinds of expensive machinery which do not make you better but instead end up spreading the cancer. Think about it - if cancer is caused by the body's healing process, and chemotherapy injures your body, then what does 2 plus 2 equal?

There are a host of laws designed to stop cancer patients from ingesting vitamin b17. If a doctor prescribes or even recommends b17 to you, he or she can immediately lose their license to practice medicine, as the law states. If the owner of a healthfood store sells apricot seeds next to a book that claims b17 cures cancer, that owner can be jailed and fined, as the law states. Why would there need to be so many barriers to b17 placed in law? Those of you who are keen on law will realize that this is simply an attempt by the medical industry to use law in order to maintain their gargantuan cancer treatment profits. Just as so many other industries use law in order to obtain monopolies, place barriers to entry, and weed out emerging competitors.

I have witnessed b17 fully recover terminally ill cancer patients whom were given up on by their doctors. A friend of mine was given 3-5 months to live and his doctors refused to try any treatments because they said that nothing could help at that point. He had lung and pancreatic cancer. It took a week for me to convince him to stomach the bitter taste of apricot seeds, but he eventually ate everything that I gave him, and he made a full recovery. Of course, I do not expect anyone to simply take my word for it.

If you still want traditional chemo and surgery, if you still trust your doctors, then the solution is easy. Pay for your expensive chemo and surgery, while at the same time you can eat large amounts of blackberries from the supermarket. When your cancer dies, you can thank your doctor for the expensive treatments and then go on with your life. The reason why I recommend this is because, my goal is to save as many lives as possible, not to derail the profit-train which the doctors have setup for themselves. Sure, it would be nice to end the fraud within the medical system, but saving lives is just more important.

Remember, we are machines which have evolved ever-dependently on that which exists in our environment. What we have been eating for millions of years is far more healthy for us than the newly-introduced processed foods that we have been eating for less than a century. If you want to be healthy, you will have to acknowledge that your body is the culmination of things other than the lifestyles that you currently choose for yourself.


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  2. Healthcare's a huge industry and the rising cost of good health is horrific :/

  3. Interesting post. I'm actually going to school to be a Radiation Therapist. If there's a cure there goes my career. Just kidding a cure would be fantastic.

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